Shop Policies

The following shop policies apply to purchases in our online shop.


    1. Minimum order quantity and minimum order amount
    There is no minimum order quantity and amount for individual item (i.e. you can order for one piece per item)


    2. Stock availability
    Stock levels are updated daily. However, stocks are subject to availability and we reserve the right to accept or deny any order, or to limit the order quantity on any item.


    3. Payment
    Payment is always 100% with confirmed order. Payment received for confirmed orders are not refundable.


    4. Delivery responsibilities
    We are not liable for any loss or delay caused by incorrect or invalid information provided by customer. We are also not liable for carriers' delay or damage during transportation.


    5. Defects and claims
    Please report all defects of goods received immediately. Upon provision of evidence (e.g. pictures, or goods returned to us) we will arrange replacement. We reserve the right to judge the validity of quality claims as well as the mode of compensation.


    6. Privacy
    We certify that all information obtained from customer will be held strictly confidential, and will be used for the sole purpose of conducting business transactions with our company.